Christopher A. McTaggart


Christopher A. McTaggart joins Halligan LLC as a Paralegal after having either worked with or for most of our staff over the years. “It’d be great if he was looking for a new firm,” has been our constant refrain since Halligan LLC was formed. It was only a matter of time before Chris joined us, no one expected it to be in the middle of a pandemic.

Chris is here now, and we’re thrilled.

This is where we’d normally write about how Chris argued his way into his first law firm; taught himself the basics of being a Paralegal while watching and learning everything he could about complex law and litigation; researched statutory and case law in his ‘spare time’ to see what to do – and not do; and how he became a legal prodigy with a talent for complex matters and an uncanny ability to see patterns in the chaos that often go unnoticed by others.

Or, we could mention how, as someone who went ‘through the system’ at a young age, Chris is devoted to working with children who are embroiled in family court issues not of their making.

We’d also have to mention his impressive research skills; that he has trained paralegals and office staff; has been hired by counsel on contract basis to specifically handle highly complex and document intensive discovery matters; and that he once somehow smoothly worked a complex litigation docket dedicated to Korean Plaintiffs without being able to speak Korean.

While all that is true, we’re just going to say this: Chris is a definitive autodidact. If he’s interested in a subject, he’ll throw himself headlong into learning as much about it as he can. How much so? Chris has recently taken the LSAT in anticipation of attending law school and is finishing a degree Biology/Biochemistry with a side of Neuro-Cognitive Sciences and a Minor is Abnormal Psychology. Thankfully for us, “family law really clicked with me.”

Chris has been a trained and competitive martial artist since he was twelve. While he doesn’t compete now, he is training in Jiu Jitsu and Mui Thai and does anticipate returning to competition in the future. The LSAT apparently was not enough self-abuse as he is also studying to take the MCATs and considering the possibility of a dual doctorate in medicine and law. He studies under the close supervision of his three-year-old Siberian Husky named Dexter. No, he is not named after the show.

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