Harrison Leone

Legal Administrator

Harrison Leone, Halligan LLC’s Legal Administrator, came to us the usual way: St. Bonaventure University in the wilds of Upstate New York (B.A. in History); teaching elementary school in Honduras; graduate school in Budapest, Hungary (Master’s Degree in International Relations); clerk at an iconic bookstore in Boston; head of a learning center in Denver.

All in the last five years.

A few things are probably obvious: Harrison has accumulated a ton of experience – along with frequent flier miles – across a broad array of fields; he adapts at the drop of a hat; and, he is very, very good with people. As his ongoing work with Active Minds attests.

Harrison’s background in sales, teaching, and writing and lecturing on current events at libraries, community centers, and assisted living facilities throughout Denver is perfect for a family law firm. We cannot envision the situation that would ‘throw’ Harrison for even a moment.

With such an amazing background across two continents, some employers might fear losing someone like Harrison to another adventure. Halligan LLC has no such worries. From our extensive interviews we know that Harrison is not going anywhere as long as Denver’s Mexican food remains as good as it is.

Harrison sees law school in his future, we’re thrilled at the prospect.

Harrison has mostly settled into life in Denver and environs, he spends much of his off-time hiking and checking out the mountains. A huge sports fan and NBA devotee, one of the hardest transitions he’s been through since moving here has been replacing his extensive ‘76ers gear with the Nuggets. That task, though, gets easier with every game.

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