Haylee Thomas


Haylee Thomas joined the Halligan LLC team as our receptionist with the kind of upbeat, go-get-em, bright, helpful attitude we’d expect from the person greeting our clients.

But that’s not why we hired her.

We hired her because her head is in the clouds.

Yes, we know that’s not what a firm is normally looking for in a staff member, but Haylee is hardly usual.

Haylee embraces being the ‘face’ of Halligan LLC every bit as much as she embraces learning as much as she can about, well, everything law related.

Haylee is transferring next fall to the University of Colorado to pursue a degree in political science.

Her goal is law school a few years down the road. Family law – at least for a few years. Then, it’s about those clouds. Her head, you see, is not really in the clouds, it’s far – far - above them. Haylee can clearly see the day when Space Law will be a thing and she wants to be ready when it is. The way lawyers in the distant past anticipated the car and airplane.

So, yes, technically her head is in the clouds, but her feet are firmly planted on the ground, and we are thrilled to have her.

Haylee lives in Littleton with her husband, Ian, dog Day-Z, and three cats. When she’s not studying for her degree and prepping for the LSATS, she cycles – and she always rings the bike’s bell before passing runners and walkers.

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