Isobel Storti


Long before Isobel Storti joined Halligan LLC as a paralegal she was using every skill (and then some) of a great paralegal every day. She just didn’t know it.

From a Peer Tutor at MSU Denver to English teacher in Florence, Italy to Kickboxing Instructor she was acquiring a unique set of skills.

Isobel’s professional track should be bottled for use by other aspiring legal professionals – start as a legal assistant filing documents with the courts, go to office meetings to listen and train, add conducting legal research along with a pinch of helping attorneys with trial preparation and polish it off by going for paralegal certification.

Isobel obtained her Paralegal Certificate with a perfect 4.0 GPA while working fulltime at her firm – all the while adding more responsibilities virtually every week.

When she received her certificate, her firm gave her a warm congratulatory handshake and threw her ‘into the flames.’ It was a total “baptism of fire” in a personal injury firm that was constantly busy, constantly litigating.

It was educational, intense, and challenging. But something was missing, the sense “of helping people” on a daily basis.

That was a problem for, as Isobel aptly puts it. “Deeply Empathetic will be written on my tombstone.”

Isobel went searching for a challenging paralegal position where she would not only have more contact with clients but would also be there for their successes.

She found Halligan LLC, we found her, and we are all richer for it.

When not helping our clients, Isobel writes (though she hasn’t let us read anything yet), bikes, does yoga, and hikes with her dog, Appa. She is also a singer/songwriter.

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