Jill O'Brien

Office Manager

Halligan LLC had a requirement above and beyond the ‘usual’ when we were searching for an Office Manager: that they enjoyed – really, genuinely enjoyed – working with people.

Jill Erin O’Brien had a requirement above and beyond the ‘usual’ when she was searching for a new career: it had to – this was nonnegotiable – involve working with people on a consistent basis.

Luckily, Halligan LLC and Jill found each other in the last weeks of 2022. Jill was struck by our team approach and our mission: to bridge the gap between heartache and hope for each of our clients.

We were struck by the number of ways Jill had challenged herself before, during, and after graduating from the University of Colorado in 2019. She always managed to get a job working with people – closely. The kind of jobs that absolutely required patience, understanding, the ability to think on her feet, and empathy.

On her part, Jill knows they’ll be ample opportunities at Halligan LLC to learn and grow – not that she’s necessarily looking at law school down the road, but you never know. Jill is very much an outdoors person, she hikes and skis whenever she can. Her other ‘thing-to-do-when-not-working’ – and something that very much caught our eye during the hiring process – is bake. She is a huge baking enthusiast. Every weekend without fail.

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    I am so thankful to have had Gavin, Laura, and the rest of Halligan LLC in my corner during a very difficult process. At the end of the day, I can honestly say that I got almost everything I desired including a great parenting plan that will allow me to have as much time with my son as possible.

    I give them my highest possible recommendation. My divorce had some complicating factors including children, a variety of asset types, and partial ownership of a business which needed to be addressed. Gavin and her team were always knowledgeable and prepared for every step in the process.

    Simply put, Gavin made my ex-wife's lawyer look like a guy who got his degree from a mail order catalog! Though he supposedly had been in practice for 30 years, Gavin mopped the floor with him! She countered every demand that my ex and her lawyer made with law that backed my position and she gave me awesome advice on how to respond to their attempts at extortion. In the end, my ex ended up with less than she had before she got greedy.