Kaitlyn Riebe


We have Barbara Gordon to thank for our senior paralegal, Kaitlyn Riebe. If you recognize Barbara Gordon as Batgirl’s real name and think you’re mistaken, you’re not.

Kaitlyn grew up with the ‘90s Batman: The Animated Series. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl was no super hero. She was very much human with an intense desire to help others and bring some semblance of fairness to the world. Within the law.

Barbara Gordon inspired Kaitlyn to pursue a career in law. Everyone who’s ever worked with her – attorneys, clients, court personnel – owe Batman: The Animated Series a big thank you.

We’re just glad that after years working in areas of the law as diverse as bankruptcy, malpractice, employment, personal injury, criminal, and more, Kaitlyn decided to focus, entirely, on Family Law.

Kaitlyn is “passionate about helping families through one of the most delicate situations and related procedures they will ever go through.” For her part, Kaitlyn has an almost innate ability to explain even the most technical and complex concepts in simple, non-legalese terms.

Kaitlyn believes – strongly – in ‘straight talk.’ The clients she works with are never in the dark about where their matter stands. She will not ‘sugarcoat’ anything, she believes clients should be fully informed – for good or bad – as quickly as possible.

Kaitlyn has a strong background and a real talent for forensic accounting. Her investigation skills are daunting. If a spouse “is hiding assets or playing games with valuations, I will find out.”

Kaitlyn and her fiancé, Justin, have two dogs, a purebred white Husky named Roxy, and a rescue called ‘B.’ At this point you can probably guess what it stands for. They do “all the usual Colorado outdoor activities.” Kaitlyn keeps up with Barbara Gordon on HBO Max’s Titans.


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