Lisa Pryor

Marketing Coordinator

We’re pleased, for many reasons, to have Lisa Pryor join the Halligan LLC team as our Marketing Coordinator.

Lisa, of course, has all the experience and the background needed to succeed as a Marketing Coordinator. She has over twenty years’ experience in vastly different areas of the law, all of them, we think, preparing her to help our clients.

She knows how the courts operate. She’s a pro at scheduling matters and tracking the progress of every case – while, most importantly, keeping the clients apprised of where their matter stands at all times. Her communication skills . . . well, talk to her for a few minutes and you’ll see they are off the charts great.

Lisa has worked in high-volume, transactional law firms where the ability to manage pressure, work under tight time constraints and still get every detail – some highly technical - right were absolute necessities.

She flourished. She went from putting complaints together and maintaining records to preparing notices and creating affidavits to research and drafting legal documents. As a paralegal, she learned every step of the way while always adding new responsibilities and accruing knowledge.

All that got her in the door to meet with the Halligan team.

What clinched us hiring her was her experience, as a business owner, dealing with the most demanding clients imaginable. Clients who had trouble articulating what they needed and would occasionally resort to growls and hisses.

From December 2015 to the beginning of the pandemic Lisa owned and operated Pet Care by Lisa. For over five years she met the unspoken needs of dogs, cats, and the occasional snake.

We knew we had someone special when we met Lisa – an experienced paralegal, a business owner, someone who could handle pressure, and could communicate well with everyone – even if they weren’t [quite] human.

For her part, Lisa was thrilled with the opportunity to focus on her people skills and to “help people get through the worse time of their lives so they can move on to a new life.”

When she is not helping our clients, Lisa plays volleyball, works out, hangs out with her cat, Fluffernutter, and reads and watches anything ‘true crime.’

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