Laura Lilley

Managing Paralegal

In a law firm filled with eclectic professionals, Laura Lilley may be the most eclectic (full disclosure: we might be eclectic, but we still needed to look up the superlative form of eclectic).

First, and foremost, Laura wouldn’t be joining Halligan LLC without a deep, solid, and yes, eclectic, background in areas of the law beyond divorce and family law. Laura’s career as an outstanding paralegal has involved the areas of civil litigation, personal injury, estate planning, wills and trusts.

Over her seventeen years as a paralegal, Laura has worked on every aspect of family law cases — drafted pleadings, motions and mandatory disclosure forms; calculated child support scenarios; analyzed the financial aspects of marital estates and assets; and has worked and coordinated with experts from across several fields.  She now brings those skills to Halligan LLC to help our clients reach their goals.

That’s outstanding and helps make the rest of the firm’s work so, so much easier… but Laura brings more to the table than incredible technical expertise.

Because, when you come down to it, Laura is here for Halligan LLC’s clients. Intensive client service has been the hallmark of her career.  She considers herself a humanist and loves working one-on-one with people because it gives her the opportunity to follow her real calling – “to educate and to empower our clients” – to inspire our clients towards knowledge and autonomy.

Laura firmly believes – as do all of us at Halligan LLC — that the more our clients know about the legal system, their own case and their options, the more empowered they are to make decisions – the decisions that will allow them to get where they want to go in starting a new life.  Laura has a genuine interest in people and, in part because of her widely diverse background working in advertising, social services, farming, performing, hospitality, service industries and teaching dance, is very relatable to our clients.

Laura is a third-generation Colorado native and proud mother of fourth-generation son and daughter.  She loves to cook and eat “a lot”, volunteer and read while maintaining her black belt in tae kwon do / tang so do, working out, doing yoga, fighting the evil of scurvy and exploring mysteries and appreciating the treasures, small and large, in everyday life.

Somewhere along the line she decided to test her empathy skills at home by volunteering her time as a part-time guinea pig nanny, in addition to the other pets. That’s going reasonably well.  The kids now want a dog (or five), but she is leaning towards getting a beehive instead.

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