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Our attorneys are Colorado natives who focus exclusively on family law and divorce. We can help you understand your specific case, intelligently interpret Colorado law, and provide you with fierce and dedicated advocacy. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve a fair outcome that both provides for your children and helps you move on with your life.

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We’ll counsel you in selecting the divorce process that is best for you and your unique circumstances.  If you are the initiator, you may have the option of deciding how you want to go forward to work through your conflict. If you are not, we will work closely with you to develop your best response and best path moving forward.

Halligan LLC is not afraid of a fight.  We litigate when the situation calls for it. More importantly, we have the experience, judgment, and temperament to know when aggressive tactics are best applied, and when they will be counterproductive and do little more than run up your costs, increase your anxiety, and harden the other side.

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Divorce can be an emotionally challenging and legally complex process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. At Halligan LLC, our Denver divorce attorneys bring years of experience and a nuanced understanding of Colorado divorce law to your aid. We prioritize your unique needs, working diligently to ensure your rights are protected, your assets are fairly divided, and your future is secured. With our compassionate guidance and aggressive representation, we aim to make your journey to the next chapter of your life as smooth as possible.

Division of property in divorce can become much more complicated if one or both spouses own a business. Business interests may be difficult to value, as it requires more than looking at the business’s balance sheet.

Earnings are typically the most important factor in a business valuation. However, many other factors can come into play. One major factor is market value, which can be determined by comparing the business with sales of a comparable business or the price at which the business would change hands between a willing seller and buyer. Intangible assets like goodwill are also considered. Goodwill denotes the value of specific non-monetary, non-physical resources of the business. Customer loyalty and brand reputation are examples of goodwill.

The Denver divorce attorneys at Halligan LLC have extensive experience leading business owners through the divorce process. Our highly skilled and compassionate lawyers can help you get the clarity you need and ensure a fair outcome. By working with highly skilled appraisers, business valuation analysts, and certified public accountants, we will work to protect your business interests and monetize them where applicable.

Divorce can be a painful and complicated process no matter what your circumstances may be, but high net worth divorces are often even more complex. High net worth couples typically have a greater variety of assets, including international or out-of-state accounts and property, which means the divorce process is more likely to be contested or take much more time to resolve. From our deep legal experience to our extensive network of professionals that specialize in issues common in high asset divorces, we have what it takes to tackle even the toughest cases.

When a married couple decides to separate or to seek a divorce, the law provides a mechanism for both spouses to continue to enjoy a similar standard of living as they begin their new lives apart from one another. Determining maintenance and support can be a complex matter. At Halligan LLC, our Denver maintenance and spousal support attorneys will fight to protect and advance your rights and interests.

Child custody, known as “allocation of parental responsibilities” (APR) under Colorado law, determines the parenting rights of each parent after a divorce. The allocation of parental responsibilities includes parenting time, or which days/times each parent spends with the child, and allocation of decision-making responsibilities, or who gets to make major decisions for the child, such as where the child will go to school or which doctor or therapist the child will see.

Negotiating child custody (APR) is among the most difficult parts of getting a divorce for those who have children. Although you and the other parent are ready to end your relationship, it doesn’t mean you want to spend less time with your children.

At Halligan LLC, we understand how overwhelming the child custody (APR) process can be. Our experienced child custody attorneys have helped families throughout the Denver area protect the well-being of their children while resolving custody and visitation disputes. Our goal is to achieve a fair outcome for everyone involved.

When parents of children part ways, Colorado law protects those children by ensuring that their parents share in the costs of upbringing in a fair and equitable manner.

In Colorado, child support obligations are determined according to a formula that includes several factors including the income of the parents, the spousal maintenance obligations of either parent, the other child support obligations of either parent, whether either parent has children outside of the relationship, each parent’s overnight parenting time with their children, and the other costs of child care, including child care, education costs, and health care costs.

Determining or enforcing child support obligations can be a complicated process for not experienced with child support law. Of course, trying to establish child support can be incredibly emotional, since your children’s rights and interests are at stake.

That is why Denver child support attorneys at Halligan LLC fight on behalf of clients and their children to ensure those children receive the support they are entitled to under the law.

Halligan LLC is experienced in every aspect in how property is evaluated, calculated, and distributed. We are dedicated to seeing that our clients receive what is fair. We know financial situations can be far more complicated than they appear, and we strive to handle those complexities while explaining them simply and directly to our clients every step of the way.

Following a divorce in Colorado, the ex-spouses may sometimes seek changes or modifications to the final divorce agreement. Parents who are no longer together may also request changes or modifications to their Allocation of Parental Responsibility (APR) agreements. In Colorado, requests such as these are known as post-decree modifications.

If your circumstances have changed, and you need to modify your divorce decree, the experienced and passionate family attorneys at Halligan LLC can help. With years of experience representing clients in divorce, and a drive to deliver the best results possible for their clients, they can help ensure that your divorce decree reflects your changed circumstances.


Determining child custody arrangements can often be a difficult matter for parents who lead their own lives but still want to spend as much time as possible with their children.

However, the difficulties of sorting out child custody arrangements can become even more difficult when parents live or wish to live in different states or countries. Many parents become confused or get into arguments over which state should hear the family’s child custody matter.

Fortunately, most states have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). This is a law that governs and helps courts determine jurisdiction, or the right of a particular state’s courts to hear a child custody case.

The law governing interstate child custody matters may seem complex to many Colorado families. That is why the Denver family law attorneys of Halligan LLC are here to help you understand your rights and options in interstate child custody matters.

Once you’ve received your final orders, you may be disappointed. Divorce and child custody is always complicated, especially if you were unable to resolve your case amicably. When ending your relationship has escalated to an adversarial process in court, it’s likely that both parties won’t walk away with fair results.

If that’s happened to you, you may still be able to appeal. At Halligan LLC, our experienced family law attorneys know the ins and outs of the Colorado appellate court. Appealing is a complex and long process. That’s why it’s crucial that you have a knowledgeable family law appeals lawyer on your side.

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We’ll take the time to listen to you and understand all the facts of your case. As a smaller firm, we are particular about the cases we take on, which allows us to give each case the attention it deserves.
We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. There’s nothing more frustrating than calling your attorney and having to wait days or weeks for a response. We make it easy for our clients to reach us anytime they need us.
Not only do we make it easy for our clients to contact us, but we also proactively communicate with our clients, so they always know what’s going on with their case. From important dates to shared documents and interactions with opposing counsel, you’ll always be in the loop.
We invoice our clients twice a month, and we include detailed descriptions of all our work, so you’ll always know where you stand. That, combined with our easy to use client dashboard and convenient online payment options, make managing the financial side of your case easy.
You know the old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” That can be especially true when practicing law. Our firm focuses exclusively on family law. That focus gives us the knowledge and experience to ensure we get the best possible outcomes for our clients’ cases.
Our clients often need help with issues beyond the scope of family law. We have a network of professionals including financial planners, trust and estate planning attorneys, and mental health professionals that we can connect you with to get all the help you need.

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    I am so thankful to have had Gavin, Laura, and the rest of Halligan LLC in my corner during a very difficult process. At the end of the day, I can honestly say that I got almost everything I desired including a great parenting plan that will allow me to have as much time with my son as possible.

    I give them my highest possible recommendation. My divorce had some complicating factors including children, a variety of asset types, and partial ownership of a business which needed to be addressed. Gavin and her team were always knowledgeable and prepared for every step in the process.

    Simply put, Gavin made my ex-wife's lawyer look like a guy who got his degree from a mail order catalog! Though he supposedly had been in practice for 30 years, Gavin mopped the floor with him! She countered every demand that my ex and her lawyer made with law that backed my position and she gave me awesome advice on how to respond to their attempts at extortion. In the end, my ex ended up with less than she had before she got greedy.