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Gavin Halligan

Getting a divorce can be a scary and frustrating process filled with uncertainty and doubt. No one gets married with the expectation that they will one day want a divorce, but the reality is that many marriages ultimately end in divorce. 

In some cases both spouses will jointly come to the realization that their relationship is over and they need to seek legal services to purse a divorce. In other cases, one spouse may want out of the marriage and may start the legal process to initiate a divorce case. And in other cases, a spouse may notice changes in his or her other spouse and their relationship that causes that spouse to want to explore his or her rights and options.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, we’re here to help. Our experienced Denver divorce lawyers can answer all the questions you may have about divorce in Colorado and guide you through all the issues that must be resolved in a divorce proceeding, including property division, alimony/spousal support, child custody/child support, and more.

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"I give them my highest possible recommendation."
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Ms. Halligan and her team did an outstanding job representing me during my divorce. I give them my highest possible recommendation. My divorce had some complicating factors including children, a variety of assets types, and partial ownership of a business which needed to be addressed. Gavin and her team were always knowledgeable and prepared for every step in the process. They were also personable and empathetic which made me feel like they really understood my concerns and priorities while professionally steering me to make decisions that were in my long term best interest.
Robert E
"...she stood up when I was being advised by a different attorney to roll over and accept defeat"
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I'm so extremely grateful to Gavin. During an extremely discouraging custody battle, she stood up when I was being advised by a different attorney to roll over and accept defeat. The truth was there, and she beautifully presented the logical truth. Additionally, she personally ensured (due to multiple state involvement) my other lawyer was well versed in the situation to ensure no further manipulation to a long battle would happen. Absolutely 5/5 stars.
"Excellent Divorce Attorney"
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Gavin was always available and had a complete grasp of the process. She was thorough and understood the finer points of the law such that she stayed one step ahead of opposing counsel.
"Gavin Halligan will represent YOUR interests"
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Divorce and custody battles are exhausting and unfamiliar territory for first time divorcees! After having fired 2 other attorneys who I felt were not representing my interests, I found Gavin Halligan. Gavin has been a game changer for me. Gavin Halligan listens, offers sound advice, always returns my calls/emails, and most importantly, represents ME. Gavin has fought hard for my custody rights and has helped me gain the custody I so desperately desired. As a father, you already start in the negative for child custody during a divorce. You must have a strong attorney who knows the law and the system to gain the custody you desire for the relationship you deserve as a parent. Gavin Halligan will help you through this troubling time and make sure your rights are not lost in unnecessary compromises. Gavin’s expertise, professionalism, and strong representation of my interests gave me hope that I would achieve my parenting rights as a father. She continues to help me gain valuable time with my child and I can’t thank her enough for that! I highly recommend Gavin Halligan if you are looking for representation during a divorce or child custody battle.
"Very happy client"
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Simply put, Gavin made my ex-wife's lawyer look like a guy who got his degree from a mail order catalog! Though he supposedly had been in practice for 30 years, Gavin mopped the floor with him! She countered every demand that my ex and her lawyer made with law that backed my position and she gave me awesome advice on how to respond to their attempts at extortion. In the end, my ex ended up with less than she had before she got greedy.
"My hero...she saved my relationship with my children."
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Gavin and I just finished temporary orders for my divorce. We were up against a very high-priced partner with a big firm downtown. I was astounded by the level of detail and preparation on Gavin's part in preparation for our proceedings. We were only allotted 90 Minutes for the entire proceeding and Gavin's ability to appropriately shift and balance that time strategically was brilliant. Her cross examination of the petitioner was methodical and she was able to get the witness to perjure herself on at least three separate occasions through her skillful approach. At the conclusion of our proceeding, our judge crucified the petitioner and awarded ZERO temporary maintenance! Gavin is a cool customer and an assassin in the courtroom when you need her most. I am deeply indebted to her for such savvy and skillful representation.
"Gavin Marie Halligan is excellent in every possible way"
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Gavin saved me! I was in a very scary place with a little girl and she assisted me in a Permanent Protection Order Hearing. I was terrified of the trial, but with Gavin by my side it was smooth and fearless. She is someone I would trust with my life. The order was issued, and if I ever needed a lawyer again, she would be my gal! Gavin is compassionate and smart. She had everything prepared within very short amount of time. She is organized beyond belief and actually cares about her clients. If you live near Boulder or the surrounding areas, I could not refer you to a better person. He collogue Todd Burnham was just as fantastic! This is a group of people I will forever be thankful for finding and most importantly keeping us safe.

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Personal Attention

We’ll take the time to listen to you and understand all the facts of your case. As a smaller firm, we are particular about the cases we take on, which allows us to give each case the attention it deserves.



We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. There’s nothing more frustrating than calling your attorney and having to wait days or weeks for a response. We make it easy for our clients to reach us anytime they need us.



Not only do we make it easy for our clients to contact us, but we also proactively communicate with our clients, so they always know what’s going on with their case. From important dates to shared documents and interactions with opposing counsel, you’ll always be in the loop.



We invoice our clients twice a month, and we include detailed descriptions of all our work, so you’ll always know where you stand. That, combined with our easy to use client dashboard and convenient online payment options, make managing the financial side of your case easy. 



You know the old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” That can be especially true when practicing law. Our firm focuses exclusively on family law. That focus gives us the knowledge and experience to ensure we get the best possible outcomes for our clients’ cases. 



Our clients often need help with issues beyond the scope of family law. We have a network of professionals including financial planners, trust and estate planning attorneys, and mental health professionals that we can connect you with to get all the help you need.

How We Can Help You

Family Law Practice Areas

Our attorneys focus exclusively on family law and divorce. We can help you understand your specific case, intelligently interpret Colorado law, and provide you with fierce and dedicated advocacy. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve a fair outcome that both provides for your children and helps you move on with your life.

Get Answers to Common Questions

Denver Divorce FAQ

Property division in divorce, also known as equitable division, refers to the aspect of a divorce proceeding in which the court will divide a couple’s marital assets and liabilities. Equitable division does not mean equal division, only that assets and liabilities are fairly divided between spouses. We can help ensure that you receive a fair equitable distribution in your divorce, including securing marital assets that may hold significance to you, and protecting assets that qualify as separate property and therefore are not subject to equitable distribution.

Learn more about how property is divided in Denver divorce cases

Alimony or spousal support refers to the payments that one spouse makes to another during and following divorce to help the recipient spouse pay for his or her living expenses, usually until such time as that spouse can become self-sufficient following divorce. If your spouse has been the breadwinner in your family, we will fight to make sure that you are not left without any means of support in the event you and your spouse get divorced.

Learn more about spousal support in Denver Divorce

If you and your spouse have children, the issues of child custody (now called “parental responsibility” in Colorado) and child support often become some of the most vigorously contested issues in divorce. Our experienced attorneys have a deep understanding of the state and federal laws governing matters of parental responsibilities and child support. We’ve also helped clients through multi-jurisdictional litigation for custody and support matters, where one spouse/parent has moved from Colorado and now lives in another state. Our firm will always look out for your and your children’s rights and interests.

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Meet Gavin Halligan

Gavin Halligan Working At Her Desk

Gavin loves the complexities of family law. Especially when a case involves business interests of any kind. She has been a student of business for most of her adult life and that shows in the great many successes the firm has had in cases involving businesses, professional practices, and high assets.

The one thing to really know about Gavin? She “cares about every outcome and knows that it rests on our shoulders to get it right.”

Halligan LLC embraces that philosophy.