Derica Fullmer


Derica Fullmer began her legal career at Halligan LLC as the receptionist, which was not always easy in the remote environment. She has since been working closely with the legal team and assisting them in their everyday case management, whether that be remote, on Zoom meetings, and sometimes actually in the office.

It goes beyond her proficiency with every aspect of remote work and her warmth and empathy when face to face with clients. She was a psychology major at CSU with a minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice who had plenty of ‘real life’ experience as an intern in the Larimer County Wellness Court. She’s “always had interest in everything law related”, and it shows.

Actually, ‘legal assistant’ doesn’t really cut it when describing what Derica does for us. She keeps up phone and email correspondence with clients and opposing counsel, prepares drafts of documents and aids our paralegals and attorneys with whatever other legal tasks they throw her way.

Which is more and more every day because in the midst of COVID shutdowns and juggling the demands of remote work, Derica somehow managed to find the time to get her Paralegal Certificate. It’s quite the achievement, but we’re not surprised. We’re pretty sure the LSATs are next, then who knows? One thing that will certainly stay the same is Derica’s commitment to Halligan LLC and our clients.

Derica – a self-described “animal lover” – worked at animal hospitals while in college. She and her fiancé have adopted an American Staffordshire Terrier-Husky mix, Blue (that particular mix has great eyes, check it out online). Together they trek across the foothills and enjoy the beauty of Colorado.

Derica kayaks (presumably without Blue) and has plans to travel as soon as “things get back to normal, whenever that is.” In the meantime, she has her beloved Broncos, Nuggets, and CSU Rams to watch, with all the heartbreak that comes with it. Come to think of it, that may explain where her empathy comes from.

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