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About Halligan LLC

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Halligan LLC focuses on Colorado family law litigation and appeals, including divorce, child custody, post-decree modifications and post-trial motions. Halligan LLC also handles complex family law matters involving businesses, large estates, and multistate litigation, areas in which our attorneys have particular knowledge and experience. We can help you understand your options and achieve a fair outcome that both provides for your children and helps you move on with your life.

When dividing assets in divorce, the state of Colorado is an equitable division state, which means the court will divide the marital estate according to equity principles. “Equitable” is not the same as “equal,” however; the court takes into consideration all relevant economic factors, including the financial circumstances of each spouse individually and the contribution of each spouse as a homemaker. We have particular knowledge and experience with complex and unique situations that can affect equitable distribution, such as how to define and distribute business income and assets in divorce.

We also excel in helping clients understand and achieve fair rulings regarding child support and maintenance — including post-decree modifications. Recent changes in the federal tax law have had a direct impact on how both paying and receiving child support and maintenance affects each party’s personal income tax situation. Our knowledge and insight can help you understand these changes. When parties live in different states or different countries, helping clients make their way through complicated multi-jurisdiction issues that can affect maintenance, custody, and other factors is another important aspect of our knowledge and experience.

Our attorneys are Colorado natives who focus exclusively on family law and divorce. We can help you understand your specific case, intelligently interpret Colorado law and how it is likely to affect your situation and provide you with fierce and dedicated advocacy.

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