Alexandra Dietzgen

Family Law Attorney

We’re fortunate Ali was able to join Halligan LLC as an associate attorney. Not because she’s knowledgeable, experienced, and empathetic – though she is. Not because she’s a skilled writer and negotiator – though she certainly is. Not because her strong business background is essential in many of the family law issues we handle – though it is.

We’re fortunate that we found Ali. Or, rather, that she stopped long enough in Colorado to let our state work its considerable charms on her.

Remember the Johnny Cash song I’ve Been Everywhere Man? Change a few of the cities and towns (but not all by any means) and add a bunch of countries and you have Ali.

Ali’s been everywhere (man). College at Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts – with stops in Europe. Law school at Tulane in New Orleans – with a jaunt across the pond at Trinity College in Cambridge and a summer internship in London with a Swiss law firm mixed in. Back to New Orleans, then to Pennsylvania coal country, then . . . well, you get the point.

Thankfully, Colorado grabbed her. It’s the longest she’s ever lived in one place and Halligan LLC is glad she has.

Ali’s travels gave her great views, unique experiences, brought her to historic places, exposed her to different cultures and lifestyles, all while providing legal experiences that would have been all but impossible to get in one place.

Criminal law, tax issues, immigration, international treaties, fiduciary duties, joint ventures, regulatory and administrative law, antitrust, litigation, personal injury, construction defects, and, of course, family law.

This is hardly an exhaustive list – though it might make a decent song: I’ve Done Everything Man.

In all her travels and eclectic law experiences, Ali accumulated the experience and knowledge that makes her perfect for Halligan LLC. She ‘gets’ people. She understands differing points of view. She negotiated agreements and settlements under pressure.

Ali settled on family law because “it’s the most direct way to help people.” It’s “helping people through the worst time of their lives to a new beginning.”


Ali is a mountain biker, skier, camper, and hiker. She’ll probably leave Colorado once she’s exhausted all we have to offer in that regard, so we anticipate only working with her until 2080 or so.


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