Kristen Conrad


Kristen Conrad is an experienced paralegal with a deep passion for family law. Hailing from Western Massachusetts and now calling Colorado home, Kristen combines her personal experiences, diverse education, and a profound commitment to help clients facing the challenges of divorce.

Growing up in Western Massachusetts, Kristen developed a unique empathy for family law matters, having faced them both as a child and an adult. With over six years of experience as a paralegal, Kristen has honed her skills across various legal areas, including criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. However, it's in family law where her heart truly lies, fueled by her personal connection to the field.

Kristen's educational journey commenced at Bay Path University in Western Massachusetts, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology and a Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies. Her internship at a female juvenile detention and psychological rehabilitation center provided hands-on insights into the lives affected by the legal system.

Continuing her quest for knowledge, Kristen pursued a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Counterterrorism and Advanced Homeland Security from Southern New Hampshire University. Her diverse academic background equips her with a comprehensive understanding of the legal and psychological facets that intersect in family law cases.

Outside of her legal career, Kristen embraces a life filled with diverse interests and commitments. As a devoted mother to her 3-year-old daughter, Madelyn, she draws inspiration and motivation from parenthood. Kristen is also a passionate soccer enthusiast, having played the sport for 19 years, including her college years. Recently, she rekindled her love for soccer by joining a local team, emphasizing teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking—skills that prove invaluable in her legal practice.

Colorado's picturesque landscapes have become Kristen's playground, where she enjoys hiking and immersing herself in nature's beauty. Her two loyal canine companions, Trigger (a Pitbull) and Zeus (a Rottweiler), join her on these outdoor adventures.


  • Southern New Hampshire University, Masters
  • Bay Path University, Certificate of Advanced Paralegal Studies
  • Bay Path University, B.A.
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