Dyana Williams

Firm Administrator

Luckily for Halligan LLC, Dyana Williams loves change and the challenges that comes with it. It took two major changes to bring her to us.

First change: Dyana, her husband, Kevin, their three sons, and two dogs left a lifetime spent in Illinois and moved to Colorado. Just like that – a huge change of altitude, weather, and culture almost overnight.

Not a day has gone by that they have not welcomed all of that.

Second change: after twenty-five years in the healthcare industry – twenty with the same  company where she started as an account specialist and finished as a Director – Dyana decided to change careers.

Somehow, she found us. We’re happy she did because here’s what we discovered when we talked to her: an executive with years of proven – and very much acknowledged – experience in customer care; revenue streams; work flow efficiency; compliance (almost incalculably complex in the world of healthcare); training; team formation; and leadership.

Dyana “found a law firm passionate about their mission and clients” where her experience and talents would make an impact.

Dyana is a self-describer ‘homebody.’ A voracious reader who admits to being ‘somewhat’ addicted to Flipboard she will happily binge watch almost any historical series. Dyana, Kevin, and their dogs are dedicated to walking every trail they can in their new home.

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