Heather White

Family Law Attorney

Our newest attorney, Heather White, left the flatlands of Illinois for Denver, excited to explore the city and mountains, while continuing her career in family law.

A psychology major at Saint Louis University, Heather decided on a family law career while at Loyola University Chicago School of Law after discovering mediation. Heather has a seemingly innate sense of asking the right questions – of her clients, the other side, the court.

She found mediation engaging and satisfying. “Watching someone on their own realize they want the same thing the other person wants” is the essence of her mediation philosophy. The enjoyment is watching a client “move from hostility to agreement because they know it’s the best course for their family.”

It was the daily interaction with people of all walks of life that drew Heather into family law. Heather considers family law “a perfect hybrid between an out of court settlement and litigation.” Because she learned to mediate early in law school, she has a firm grasp on when it’s going to be useful and when stronger measures are warranted.

Heather and her finance hike and bike the mountains, discovering altitude sickness in the process. Not something they had to worry about in Chicago. They are equally enjoying the culture and diversity of their new home, Denver, and are excited for the many new opportunities soon to come in post-pandemic times.

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